Cordyceps introduction
Cordyceps introduction
Cordyceps sinensis is not insects, nor grass, but a kind of fungi. Is one of China's three major tonic.
Cordyceps has 3 major functions:
1, improve immunity.
2, to promote the role of sleep.
3, prevention of various diseases.
Zangxuema coordyceps capsule is introduced
Product introduction
    capsule of Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps capsule is made of Cordyceps sinensis mycelium per grains are rich in more than 2 mycelium using exclusive biotechnology, two is equivalent to a high quality of Cordyceps sinensis. The direct use of more effective, safety. Convenient, economy.
Effect and function of Cordyceps sinensis
Effect of cordyceps sinensis
where to buy cordyceps sinensis ?
There is often a need to buy Chinese caterpillar fungus people search in the search engine:...[View full text]
Cordyceps video
Cordyceps video
The function of Cordyceps sinensis and edible method
There are three major functions of Cordyceps sinensis: 1, Cordyceps sinensis can improve the immunity...[View full text]

Cordyceps sinensis mycelium visible